On Yoga

You asked me what I came into the world to do… I came into the world to live out loud.

Emile Zola

Yoga is the union of body, mind, and spirit. It might sound like a complete cliche but as most cliches go, absolutely true. And since the path of yoga is not an intellectual journey, but an experienced one, these would be mere words until you set yourself on the path.

Of course there are various forms of non-physical yoga, but living in our philistine world, the quickest way to sense this union is through the absolute perfect tool – our body.

Although Hatha yoga (yoga of the body) is not simply a form of exercise but an extremely important agent of transformation, its physical benefits are innumerable.

As a form of exercise it is a superlative one, and unlike most other forms of exercise it offer the full-range of benefits-not only developing flexibility but also strength, stamina, and vitality, working on not only the muscles but also joints, internal organs, connective tissues.

Yoga cleanses and purifies the body of all its stored toxins, thus being the perfect fitness tool and an anti-aging elixir. While this is not the purpose of Hatha Yoga it is unavoidable. In using the body to transform the mind, the body is also transformed. It is recaliberated, harmonized, revitalized, and brought to its functional peak, unreachable by any amount of diligent cross-training.

  • In looking for a slim body, we find a calm, clear mind.
  • In hoping for strength and stamina we find increased determination and concentration.
  • Awaiting to be free from back/spinal pain, we find freedom from compulsive anxiety.
  • Seeking relief from asthma we find unlimited reserves of physical and mental energy.
  • In trying to release tight shoulders and a stiff neck we find a new level of enthusiasm and joy.

The primary purpose of Hatha Yoga is to allow us to get completely in touch with who and what we are – This means not only our transient, conditioned characteristics, but the deeper, unconditioned nature which we rarely ever glimpse. So unroll your mat and begin this journey, for as my teacher says, “Yoga is 99% practice and 1% theory”.

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