Beauty is a jewel, a talisman of renewal. An infinite wealth, the essence of perfect health.

3 Week Intensive in North Goa – Mandrem at Himalaya Yoga Valley


This is the first of hopefully many more intensives like this in Goa. We want to create the Mysore experience here, with the added bonus of afternoon workshops to go deeper into all things: philosophy, breath work, movement, alignment, locomotion, dance, etc etc and more. This is perfect for all students wanting to take their practice and even their teaching, to the next level. All levels are welcome but you must have a regular Ashtanga practice and be comfortable in the Mysore Class setting.

We would prefer everyone to do the full three weeks but if you can only manage one or two then this is ok.

If you’re interested then email me;  and let me know your practice history, who’s your teacher, experience with Mysore style and anything else that might be helpful for me to know.



  • US$700 for 3 weeks
  • or US$250 per week

We are offering a locals only price for Indian nationals as we feel a strong calling
to share this practice with Indians that cannot afford western prices (message me for details.)



Saturday-Wednesday – Mysore Class

Thursday – Led Primary

3 X afternoon workshops from 3pm-6pm

Himalaya Yoga Valley has very good accommodation if you want to stay there. Contact them directly to make reservations. You can see some photos HERE.


The prices are listed below:

Centre Facilities

  • Vegetarian restaurant – amazing food!
  • Wholesome and healthy breakfast included in accommodation ( India and Western hot dish, fresh fruit, tea, coffee, herbal tea, locally baked bread)
  • Ala Carte Lunch and evening meals available at our Centre restaurant (approx €4 per meal)
  • Large swimming pool and poolside relax area
  • Beautiful yoga shalas
  • Villa rooms serviced daily
  • Ayurveda Treatment rooms
  • Vegetarian restaurant – amazing food!
  • Gated resort with 24 hr security presence
  • Safety deposit facility at Main Office
  • Free Wi-Fi at Villa Restaurant
  • Laundry service.
  • Accommodation with daily Breakfast
  • The Centre is a smoking and alcohol-free zone.


The Centre is a place of quiet and tranquillity conducive to yoga courses. We aim to facilitate the same gender for shared room bookings



  • Private – double bed or twin beds, ensuite and fan
    €46 per room
  • Twin Beds, room sharing with another, privacy screens ensuite and fan
    €25 per person
  • Triple Share, 3x single beds, sharing with two others, privacy screens, ensuite, and fan
    €21 per person

Deepika is traveling and no longer teaches classes in Mumbai


Dec 10-17

Samahita Yoga Thailand


Dec 18-25

Ashtanga Yoga Bangkok


Goa, India

Jan 14-27

Purple Valley


Rishikesh, India

March 1-7

International yoga festival


Himachal Pradesh, India


Dharamshala Yoga retreat



June 4-30


Past Workshops

February 6th – 12th, 2016 – Dubai, UAE

March 18th – 20th, 2016 – Byron Bay, Australia

March 24th – 28th, 2016 – Waiheke Island, New Zealand

April 30th – May 6th, 2016 – Himachal Retreat,India

May 19th – 22nd, 2016 – China Yoga Festival

May 29th – June 5th, 2016 – Bali Retreat with Mark Robberds

Goddess – For Women

Within every woman likes a divine goddess beautiful, powerful & sensual. This inner goddess for every woman is exclusive and is their very own. In this one day workshop Deepika Mehta, yogini and transformational guru will help you get in touch with your unique inner goddess, using techniques of yoga, dance, tantra, and beauty foods.
Other than experiencing your very own powers of a goddess, you will learn:

  • About the best foods, while experiencing their powers to enhance and rejuvenate an ageless glow, which allows you to have your own perfect beauty
  • Techniques from the age-old science of yoga, which allow you to sculpt your body while helping you to balance and revitalize the perfect you with super form and power
  • An exotic dance form that will free your inner goddess and allow you to loose our inhibitions giving birth to the true expression of you
  • Also focusing on Techniques to increase your vitality, energy, and libido through the secrets of tantra.

Although a complete cliche, the concept of inner beauty manifesting on the outer is indeed true so when a woman feels sexy and beautiful…guess what you become…just that!

“If not within than you shall always remain without”. Come be the goddess that you’re destined to be.

Come discover the goddess within. Experience the power and freedom and allow the beauty to unfold.

Prana – Universal

In the “Prana” workshop you will celebrate life with Yoga, Dance, Meditation, Raw Food, and Tantra. The following points on yogic directions will be discussed, demonstrated, practiced and understood.

  • Yoga for health, purity, clarity, detox, weight-loss, and anti-aging.
  • Cleansing and releasing meditation.
  • Breathing exercises to release pent-up stored emotions, toxins from the body, mind andy psyche.
  • Dance and tantric meditation to put you in touch with your essential life-giving primal energy and letting go of inhibitions and blocks to be able to realize your complete potential.
  • You will learn about the excellent quality foods and experience their benefits enhance, rejuvenate and create an ageless glow. Not to forget you will be manifesting a perfect body at the same time, maximizing your energy and potential inside out.


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